Tips for gaining adoption: Wie erreiche ich eine hohe Beteiligung im Web 2.0

Im FASTForward Blog, einem Blog zur kommenden Veranstaltung FASTforward 07, kam die Frage auf, wie man das Blog mit Leben füllen kann. James Robertson begann mit einer Liste von »5 tips for gaining adoption of enterprise 2.0«. Was sich daraus entsponnen hat ist meiner Meinung nach sehr interessant und auf Bereiche des E-Learnings ohne weiteres übertragbar.

Hier also zunächst die 5 Tipps von James Robertson:

  1. Create a prototype or pilot.
  2. Use stories to articulate (and capture) needs.
  3. Build on existing platforms.
  4. Use case studies from similar organisations.
  5. Be passionate about the right things.

Jerry Bowles hat daraufhin seine Tipps aufgeschrieben:

  1. Begin with a social media audit.
  2. Start small and keep expectations low.
  3. Don't spend a lot of money.
  4. Start with a business problem and find the social media tools to solve it, not the other way around.
  5. Understand the stakes and the risks.

Dazu dann Mike Gotta:

  1. Define what Enterprise 2.0 means for you: I often feel like we're back in the nineties debating what Knowledge Management is or is not.
  2. Prioritize the organizational over the technological: Much of what seems to be at the core of Enterprise 2.0 is people-related.
  3. Anchor any effort around people, groups and networks: Again, to me at least, Enterprise 2.0 is not so much about process and information management.
  4. Identify which business activities are the best candidates: To get started, we need to have some sense of purpose (what is it that we what to improve).
  5. Balance "edge" and "core" needs when it comes to technology: Finally, when we do get to specific technologies, we need avoid "Repeating History 2.0".

Sehr schön ist abschließend Euan Semples Beitrag, da er beschreibt, warum er sich nicht so am FASTForward Blog beteiligt hat, wie er es hätte eigentich sollen: »However I have failed. So here, in the spirit of small pieces loosely joined are my thoughts.«

[via Using Wiki in Education]

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