Splitbrain thinks the world needs more bunny content:

Everybody seems to be grumpy these days. Everybody is ranting about Apple, Microsoft, Robert Basic, the governments and whatever else is happening right now. And everybody is probably right.

Still, I'm longing to read some positive stuff again. So until the days get warmer again and everybody cheers up a bit by themselves, I want to do my part by initiating another silly meme: Draw bunny!

igorette tagged me. So Here it is, the edubunny:

Zeichnung EduBunny

Here are the rules:

  1. Draw a Bunny (or more)
  2. Post it to your blog with the rules
  3. Name three other bloggers that should draw a bunny

I tag acwagner, janosch and kaffeeringe.

PS: The original EduPunk.



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